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Matcha Box
33 Crosby St. b/Broom and Grand
NYC, NY 10013

Sat-Tues 11-7
Thurs & Fri 4-7 Happy Hour
Closed Wednesdays


Matcha Source to Pop Up in Manhattan’s SoHo District

LOS ANGELES — May 18, 2010 — The traditional Japanese tea ceremony meets Manhattan mixology next month when Los Angeles-based Matcha Source brings its premium matcha green teas and wares to SoHo.

From June 1-30 the online retailer will set up Matcha Box, a pop-up promotional store and café at 33 Crosby Street, next door to ñ, where customers can indulge in the unique flavor, aroma and experience of the terrifically healthy green-tea powder from Japan. Matcha Source founder Alissa White, along with tea masters from the Upper East Side’s Urasenke School, will prepare cups of hot tea, as well as lattes, smoothies and exceedingly refreshing iced matcha tea blended in a martini shaker with ginger, lime or lemonade. Customers can also enjoy matcha-infused desserts crafted by some of New York City’s finest pastry chefs. Available for purchase will be Matcha Source’s full line of teas and accessories, including the store’s namesake, its signature Matcha Box, a five-piece set of the essential tools to sift, whisk and enjoy a bowl of matcha tea.

“We’re excited about introducing newcomers to matcha's alluring taste and unique nutritional profile, right off the street,” says White. “Matcha is a sugar-free source of antioxidants and has mood-enhancing amino acids. This is a chance for us to share our products and serving suggestions with New Yorkers face-to-face and in a comfortable café setting. I created this company because I have a healing fantasy about nudging the odds in favor of people living long, healthy lives. At least for this month we’re in town, I look forward to giving New Yorkers this opportunity in a soothing, unique environment.”

David Selig of Rice Restaurants and ñ will provide Matcha Source the space, with furnishings by artist Jason Middlebrook and planters and serving trays by PAD Outdoor. They’ll take the raw and weathered, turn-of-the-last century look and feel of the place – brick walls, tin ceiling, hard wood floors, layers of paint – and draw on the concept of the ancient Japanese tea ceremony room, where each element is intentional, unique, seasonal, and shows great respect and hospitality to the guest. Typical tea rooms are decorated with just one of everything so guests can take the time to notice that one object. The café will feature one distinct wall hanging, one flower picked for the season and region and one screen for décor. Guests can also enjoy hand-made wagashi, the traditional Japanese sweet made of bean paste, by Manhattan tea ceremony teacher and Japanese pastry chef Marybeth Welch.

Matcha Source will create awareness using popular mobile and social media marketing tools. Customers can participate in text-to-win campaigns, powered by Texting Forward, where weekly raffles will be held for a chance to win free beverages and Match Box gift sets. Also, Four Square check-ins and Mayors will be rewarded with discounts and give-aways. The blogumenatry, matchabox.com will post daily customer portraits and videos. Cash, credit cards and PayPal (via an iphone app) will be accepted for all purchases.

"New York City is a special place for my family and me,” White said. “My grandfather was born on Allen Street and my grandparents had a clothing store in Brooklyn. I went to NYU, started my first business here and lived in the city for 12 years. I was living in Battery Park on 9/11. I am now thrilled to be back in New York participating in the fiber and history of the street while introducing New Yorkers to a simple, calming daily ritual.”

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