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Are You A Blogger? How Can We Help?

We heart bloggers at Matcha Source. We love your passion, your voice and your stories. And we understand the connection with your readers. To make your day to day simpler and smoother, we’re reaching out to you with our WE HEART BLOGGERS PROJECT designed with you in mind.

Our goal is to support you with content, blog posts, product give-aways and revenue generating opportunities through our Matcha Force Affiliates Program.

We Offer

  • Matcha Source products for giveaways on your blog
  • Guest blogging by Matcha Source Founder, Alissa White, see a sample guest post here.
  • Coupon codes in your own branded language for your readers
  • Access to our matcha photo gallery
  • Beautifully rendered banners and creative for your blog
  • Featured post on matchabox.com, our company blog
  • Featured mentions to our ever growing e-mail list
  • Tweets and Facebook mentions
  • And, payola…revenue generating opportunities through our Matcha Force Affiliates Program
Had something else in mind? We can design a post or giveaway to suit your promotion.

Bloggers We’ve Worked With

We’ve been sending matcha love to some incredible people over the last few years including nutritionists, trainers, mamas, philosophers, foodies, tea lovers and story tellers. Some of the bloggers we’ve worked with are:
  • Healthy Mamas
  • Vital Juice
  • She Knows
  • Eating Made Easy
  • Steepster
  • IdeaMench
  • HireYourVirtualAssistant – that’s right, we talk about running our shop, not just tea 
  • Diet, Dessert and Dogs
  • and more...

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