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Matcha Source Customer Testimonials
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Dear Alissa,
I am writing to tell you how much we love your Matcha. My wife didn't realize how much of a difference it made until we recently ran out. She teaches computer classes and she told me her energy level plummeted when she was not drinking matcha. She uses two teaspoons in her "green protein shake" every morning and it gives her a nice sustained level of energy all day. She told me to never allow our supply of matcha to run out again!! Thanks for offering such a fantastic product Alissa.

Best regards,
Michael W.,

Had two cups from the same bag last night before I went to work. I had a great night. I told my coworkers that I felt young like them. I am 62 the youngest is 25 & 37. 

- Camille 

I have just received my first order from you and have had my very first matcha experience, and I love it. I'm very excited to learn more about matcha and try different varieties as well as in recipes... I enjoy the tea and love the kit and will likely place an order with you again in the future. Thank you for your time.
Cara J.

I just wanted to say thanks again for Friday. The demonstration was so cool, and I'm totally hooked on Matcha.  I've been putting it in my morning protein shakes.  I have so much more energy, without being jittery or feeling weird.  It's also curbing my appetite and totally diminishes cravings for sweets.  LOVE this stuff.  :-)
Lisa D., Los Angeles

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service!! I ordered my Gotcha Matcha on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday. The quality of your tea, and the friendliness and knowledge of your staff, is wonderful. I look forward to my morning matcha latte, and I am so glad to have discovered matchasource.com. Don't ever leave!
Ms. Kyle N. Esq.
Los Angeles, CA

Everyone here seems to think that your kitchen-grade matcha, Vitamixed with hot water, powdered ginger, coconut milk, and stevia leaf, tastes DELICIOUS!!! Thanks so much, have a great day--and by the way, now that I'm taking one heaping tablespoon of matcha a day, I'm off all ADD/ADHD medications! I know it's a lot for one person, but still better for the body than a tony dose of Ritalin.

- Pat S. from Canada

Wonderful product. I've enjoyed matcha since the 1970's but daily only since I found your site. The range of choices you offered earlier invited comparison of fine teas--perfect for a retired winemaker. This new line, more focused on providing quality levels for different uses, limits that connoisseurship while inviting daily use. The bulk product is perfect for my daily supplement blend for forestalling my cancer metastatic to bone for many years now. It chases the fatigue away like few other natural products.
Thank you,
Fred P.

Hello Alissa,
I am feeling very much invigorated by the combination of: Matcha tea which I dissolve in Goat milk yogurt. I am sleeping at least three hours less (from 10 hrs. down to 7-8) which I relish as extra reading time and feel energized. I will be calling in an order this week.
Josy T.

To Whom It May Concern,
I recently received my order of The Matcha Box and a whisk holder. I was very impressed with not only the customer service (I received a call regarding my order and troubles with my shipping address) but also the overall packaging and quality of items received. Though I'm an avid tea drinker and a huge fan of green tea, I only just recently discovered matcha and decided it was something I simply had to try. As a newcomer, the included brewing instructions were a fantastic introduction to proper preparation. I've made several servings of tea so far, and I've been thoroughly pleased with both the taste and quality each and every time. Thank you for making my first experience with matcha so easy and enjoyable! I look forward to purchasing more matcha from you in the future!
Chaz L.

The Matcha is fantastic. Very pleased. Will order again!
Best Wishes,
Jay B.
Ashdod, Israel

And these comments from our Customer Survey Summer 2009:

  • Very nice customer service, fast delivery and wow the packaging of the box was BEAUTIFUL
  • Thank you for a great product and a great website. Your recipes have been very helpful. Keep up the great work!
  • I look forward to making Matcha tea every morning before I do my Tai Chi/Qi Kung practice. I adore drinking this soothing green liquid.
  • whenever I send an email, I get a response right away. Great customer service.
  • “I switched to Matcha Source and have been quite impressed with the level of customer service. I home school three of my girls so there is plenty of opportunity to drink tea together, which we do!”
  • I am a regular customer at Matcha Source. You have the best matcha out there. My mother now orders from Matcha Source.
  • I love your website it is inspiring and has great ideas for recipes and helpful and well done also the packaging
  • I'm very pleased with the service so far. Very efficient and friendly. The web site is very informative and makes it easy for decision making.
  • I have bought matcha starter gifts for my 2 daughters and one son-in-law. They all LOVE it!! I've been drinking matcha for 7 months. My MS symptoms have lessened considerably. I've lost 28 pounds and have not seen the weight creep back as it has in the past. My energy levels are much higher and my increased stamina and endurance are amazing. Is it the matcha?????? Who's to say - but, I've made no other changes in my life that would account for this. I drink 2 six ounce cups of Morning Matcha each morning and drink a 12 ounce bottle of spring water with Gotcha Matcha each afternoon as my pick-me-up. I've tried 2 other brands of matcha and found them to be inferior to what I've become accustomed to from Match Source. All in all, I thank you!
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Alissa White
Matcha Source LLC
Los Angeles, California
Toll free 1 877 962 8242 (877 9+MATCHA)
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