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Interviews with Matcha Tea Enthusiasts
Robert Wemischner, The Dessert Architect
With its logical sequence of steps, brewing a good cup of tea has the same calming - almost meditative - feel as baking.  Both activities provide an escape from the everyday, affording an opportunity to tune out the world, focus on the need for precision, and enjoy the moment of pleasure when both the tea and the cake are ready to be savored.
Carla Golden Cappiello - One Healthy Girl
Carla Golden Cappiello, editor of and founder of answers the Matcha Source Matcha Enthusiast Interview.
Eric Gower, The Breakaway Cook
"My first sip was definitely an “aha!” moment, in the same way that my first espresso was – it was the essence of tea in superconcentrated form, in all its delightful bitterness and brilliant green hue."
Yoko Kawashima of Waraku Gallery on the Anatomy and Experience of the Matcha Bowl
The complexities of “chanoyu” or tea ceremony are represented through the
aesthetic of handling the matcha bowl and utensils throughout the
matcha making and serving process. To us, using a matcha bowl is not
merely for the act of drinking but a symbolic way of life.
Interview with Tea Master Yoshihiro Terazono
"In the first year, you learn how to sit, stand and walk in the tea room, prepare and purify tea utensils. Tea ceremony is moving meditation. Every movement requires great attention. It’s like learning choreography with Zen awareness."