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For Absolute Beginners

If this is your first introduction to matcha tea, here are few things you should know to get started.

  • Use the best quality water available to you
  • Use water heated to just under a boil
  • Sift matcha powder before using
  • Matcha is a form of personal expression. Experiment with different utensils and techniques. There is no one or right way to enjoy matcha tea.
  • Here is a list of essential items for making matcha tea. Our recommendation is to start with thin grade matcha and work your way over time to the thick grade.
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Bamboo Tea Scoop
Bamboo Tea Scoop - Light
Our Price: $6.00

Bamboo tea scoop used with matcha.
Bamboo Whisk
Bamboo Whisk, 100 Prong
Our Price: $24.00

More prongs mean more foam. This bamboo whisk is split from one piece into a 100 tulip shaped prongs. Most whisks on the market are 80 or fewer. Use to whisk matcha in a teabowl for a frothy foamy texture.