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Bamboo Whisk and Holder Set
Bamboo Whisk and Holder Set
Our Price: $27.00
Sale Price: $24.00
You save $3.00!

Split bamboo Whisk and Holder Set. Use in combination with a teabowl for Japanese style matcha preparation.
Essential Matcha Utensils Set
The Sift, Whisk & Enjoy Bundle
Our Price: $45.00

This 4-piece set includes all of the essential utensils needed to sift, whisk and enjoy matcha tea in a bowl.
The Matcha Source WhiskIt Kit
Matcha "WhiskIt" Kit - 3 Piece Set with Your Choice of Tea
Base Price $59.00

The Matcha Source WhiskIt Kit  includes your choice of tea and the single most essential utensil for preparing matcha tea - the bamboo whisk.  The celadon whisk holder helps maintain the shape of the whisk over time. Start simple and get to know the tea.