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Bamboo Whisk and Holder Set
Bamboo Whisk and Holder Set
Our Price: $27.00
Sale Price: $24.00
You save $3.00!

Split bamboo Whisk and Holder Set. Use in combination with a teabowl for Japanese style matcha preparation.
Essential Matcha Utensils Set
The Sift, Whisk & Enjoy Bundle
Our Price: $45.00

This 4-piece set includes all of the essential utensils needed to sift, whisk and enjoy matcha tea in a bowl.
The Matcha Source WhiskIt Kit
Matcha "WhiskIt" Kit - 3 Piece Set - NOW SHIPPING WITH KAMA MATCHA
Base Price $59.00

The Matcha Source WhiskIt Kit  includes your choice of tea and the single most essential utensil for preparing matcha tea - the bamboo whisk.  The celadon whisk holder helps maintain the shape of the whisk over time. Start simple and get to know the tea.  ONLY AVAILABLE WITH KAMA MATCHA THROUGH OCT 14.