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Matcha Doing?

Alissa White ups your healthy quotient with green tea

Matcha, the powdered green tea prized for its pleasantly bitter flavor and healing qualities, isn't often found among the boxes of bagged green and black teas in supermarkets. But Alissa White, owner of the Los Angeles-based online shop Matcha Source, wants to change that.

Unlike steeped teas, matcha is made from ground Japanese tea leaves that dissolve in the water. The powder creates a thicker brew with a distinct herbal flavor, and comes loaded with fiber and antioxidants.

All of White's teas are 100 percent pure matcha, delivered in small batches from a grower in Japan. They vary from the thickest Kama Matcha, a ceremony-grade tea made exclusively for White, to the thinner, beginner-friendly Morning Matcha. In between: the Gotcha Matcha, which makes great smoothies and lattes. (*)

The starter kits on White's website include the bowl for mixing and drinking, a small sifter (like powdered sugar, the powder tends to clump), and a tulip-shaped bamboo whisk for preparation.

There are also plenty of tips for using the powder in recipes: It adds a unique flavor to buttercream frosting that's as good on butternut squash cupcakes (click here to download the recipe) as it is on chocolate cake. Healthy rarely tastes so good. -- Tasting Table, Los Angeles Edition Tue. 05 Jan '10

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F O U N D E R' S   N O T E:
Morning Matcha Classic Thin Grade tea is a ceremony grade tea designed for drinking with water and is a grade above the Cafe Grade Gotcha Matcha.

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Gotcha Matcha for Green Tea Lattes
Cafe Grade Gotcha Matcha 80g - Perfect for Lattes and Mixed Drinks
Our Price: $31.00

The rich taste of powdered green tea for smoothies, lattes, pastries and savory recipes. Gotcha Matcha contains 100% green tea from Japan. No sugar, additives or preservatives.
KAMA MATCHA Ceremony Grade Matcha Tea 30g
Ceremony Grade Kama Matcha Tea 30g
Our Price: $48.00

An extraordinary matcha for discerning drinkers suitable for koicha, thick style, tea.
Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Morning Matcha
Classic Grade Organic Morning Matcha Tea 30g
Our Price: $35.00

Invigorating and calming matcha green tea powder for every day, certified organic by Japanese Agricultural Standards Association (JAS).
The Matcha Source WhiskIt Kit
Matcha "WhiskIt" Kit - 3 Piece Set with Your Choice of Tea
Base Price $59.00

The Matcha Source WhiskIt Kit  includes your choice of tea and the single most essential utensil for preparing matcha tea - the bamboo whisk.  The celadon whisk holder helps maintain the shape of the whisk over time. Start simple and get to know the tea.
Matcha Green Tea Latte Set with Bodum Milk Frother
Matcha Latte Set
Our Price: $45.00

The Matcha Latte Set includes a Bodum hand-held milk frother and Gotcha Matcha 80g tin. Enjoy foamy cafe style beverages at home or work. No batteries required.