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As Seen In Bits & Bites, Wall St. Journal
The Tea Going Green  WSJ.com- Charlotte Druckman December 31, 2011

Turning over a new leaf? Try matcha, the powdered green tea of Japan that's so potent, a ceremonial art was developed around it. Founder of Matcha Source, Alissa White, is omniscient about the stuff; she imports it and opened her first retail storefront earlier this month in Los Angeles. According to Ms. White, the potable increases energy, perks up moods, is antioxidant-rich, detoxes like nobody's business, boosts metabolism and balances the body's pH levels. All we know is, a bowlful a day makes us feel good. Serious sippers should try the thinner Morning ($33 per 30-gram tin) or thicker Kama ($45) styles—these are to be whisked and served hot (if you don't have the necessary accessories, Ms. White's pre-assembled kits will get you sorted). Those who enjoy blended drinks such as smoothies and lattes may opt for the Cafe Grade Gotcha ($28 per 80-gram tin), which can also be used in cooking. Ms. White likes applying it to pancakes and chocolate truffles, among other things; she offers recipes on her website, matchasource.com.

—Charlotte Druckman