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As essential and pure as tea can be, matcha is also unbelievably versatile. It can remarkably adapt to all kinds of lifestyles and situations. Matcha has enough taste sensation to satisfy any self-confessed foodie, while the health seeker will be impressed by its benefits. (And if you just want to cut to the chase and up your game in life, matcha’s got you covered too.)


Your discriminating palate is only matched by your flair for culinary adventure. You’re always ready to experience the finest flavors and experiment in the kitchen.

OUR RECOMMENDATION To experience matcha at its most refined, you’ll certainly want a sublime sip of our Kama Matcha. Our Gotcha Matcha enlivens old recipes and adds a vibrant twist to your favorite dessert.


You work hard and play hard. And you need something to keep you going in between. Matcha is the perfect, pragmatic solution to keep you awake, energized, and focused all day, every day.

OUR RECOMMENDATION Our Focus Tea Set has everything you need to whip a bowl of matcha whenever you need it. When you want your matcha straight and to the point, Morning Matcha is your matcha of choice.


No morning can begin without the familiar hum of blender. But instead of heading for one of those chain juice bars, you already have a sleek operation set up at home.

OUR RECOMMENDATION Add a scoop of our finely crafted Gotcha Matcha to your favorite smoothie to get your day going like nothing else. But if you’re looking for a more economical option, try Dakota Matcha, a simpler, more down-to-earth selection for everyone who likes matcha every day.


You may not be named Grey, Oz, or Sanjay, but you know the value of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients... and that prevention is the best medicine. What better an ally than a daily serving of matcha. A powerhouse of health benefits, matcha will help keep your health at its prime.

OUR RECOMMENDATION Our Sugar Destroyer, a custom blend of matcha and Gymnemna sylvestre, will empower you with the powerful antioxidant EGCg while preventing the absorption of sugar. Our classic Morning Matcha is also great throughout the day, while our Gotcha and Dakota varieties will make sure you get the most of matcha’s broad benefits in all kinds of recipes.


When it comes to lattes, you got more moves than any barista. You’ve nailed your steaming technique down, and your free pour is fly. No wonder you can’t help but bask in your friends’ admiration.

OUR RECOMMENDATION Our premium blend for cafe-style creations, Gotcha Matcha has a robust, full-bodied green tea flavor that will bring your latte to life. And when you’re looking for a daily green tea latte fix, look no further than Dakota Matcha—a basic, no-nonsense offering for diehard matcha lovers that won’t break the bank.


Sushi and soba are second nature to you. You have more Kurosawa DVDs than the university library. Plus, you knew about Harajuku way before a few pop stars, not to mention the rest of the country. Matcha is the next, natural step in your Japanophile repertoire. (You already know, of course, your chasen from chasaku.)

OUR RECOMMENDATION With your level of taste, you’ll definitely want to try whisking up our Kama Matcha, a rich, full-flavored usucha (thick tea), in one of our select tea bowls imported from Japan.


Of course, love can keep people together, but, honestly, matcha makes mornings together—not to mention, many other times of day—so much better. What a better way to show your love then to whisk up a bowl of matcha for your spouse or partner as part of your daily ritual or with a surprise breakfast in bed.

OUR RECOMMENDATION So easy to enjoy, our Morning Matcha is the perfect choice for you to enjoy together.