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Berry Wonderful Bowl - Matcha, Yogurt, Berries and Seeds
Matcha Green Tea Powder with Yogurt  - Berry Wonderful Bowl
Matcha Chia Breakfast Bowl
Matcha Chia Breakfast Bowl with Fruit, Nuts and Flaxseed Oil
Matcha Green Tea Latte
Recipes for hot and chilled matcha green tea lattes.
Matcha Green Tea Smoothies
Matcha powdered green tea smoothies with yogurt and honey. Experiment with berries, bananas and other flavors.
Iced Matcha Tea in a Martini Shaker
Shake powder, ice and water in a martini shaker and WOW! Add flavors of mint, lemon and honey for extra sensational refreshment .
Matcha Ginger Tea
Matcha ginger tea with crushed ice and lime.  Use an electric blender or martini shaker.  Soothing and invigorating.