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Carla Golden's Get Healthier! Blog A journal about how one healthy girl gets healthier and inspires others to do the same.

Carla Golden is the editor of and founder of, a national directory of alternative health care practitioners.  Carla discovered matcha in 2008 and became an instant enthusiast with her "I Love Matcha" post on her blog.  She graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her new habit.

How did you discover the alluring taste of matcha tea?
I read a news article about the benefits of matcha and did a Google search and miraculously and divinely spotted, and immediately loved the look of the site, the product offerings and supporting information. I knew that the company must have authentic leadership and vision and I wanted to support and be a part of that. Great products come forth from great people.

What’s your matcha ritual? Do you whisk, froth or martini shake?
I make a pitcher of matcha (maybe a triple serving size) in the morning. I whisk a little bit at the bottom and then fill the pitcher with water to the top and then do a little whisk top-off! I happily carry my pitcher and cup to my desk to start the day. Occasionally I'll make a thermos full and take matcha in to share with my massage clients.

What’s in your matcha/what did you put your matcha in? Tell us if you drink matcha as a tea, a latte, or a smoothie. Or, if you add matcha to pastries, desserts or other recipes. What flavors do you blend with matcha?
I have stuck with the original whisked hot tea. It's still too good for me to venture out at all. Every cup is better than the last.

Which matcha utensils can we find in your kitchen?
Whisk, bamboo spoon and sieve.

How does matcha tea make you feel? Have you experienced the calm alert effect from the natural mood enhancers in matcha tea?
Matcha helps me to feel green and clean. I can tell that it has detoxified my system. Maybe I'm losing my mind, but I think I'm less photosensitive now too. Perhaps the chlorophyll in my body helps me to photosynthesize the sun rather than be tanned or burned by it. Maybe it's just wishful thinking! I love knowing that so much green plant goodness is circulating within my body.

Which grade of Matcha Source tea is your favorite?
Organic Morning Matcha!

Why do you recommend matcha tea to people?
Because it is a delicious alternative to coffee and a better version of green tea than the bags. It also provides a ritual which becomes comforting. I believe matcha cleans the blood of excess fats which is excellent for overall health.

Tell us about you. Do you live an active lifestyle? Are you recovering from any illnesses? Do you cook at home? 
I am Carla, also known as As a massage therapist, wellness blog writer and owner of an alternative healthcare directory,, I live what I believe: the key to optimal health is through diet and active living. More a health-nut than a gym-rat, you'd be more likely to see me pedaling to the grocery store or doing yoga while the brown rice cooks. Currently, I am in hot pursuit of a PhD in Holistic Health and Healing.
Carla Golden, LMT can be found at and